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Parent + Baby Care

Our experienced paediatric and maternity nurses and childcare specialists can provide you with all the support and assistance you may need.

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How we can help

Our staff are highly-experienced, qualified childcare professionals. They adore children and love the work that they do.

24|7 childcare staff are fully invested in the children’s development and wellbeing. They ensure the healthy mental, physical and emotional growth of the children they are caring for.

Services we offer include:

  • Newborn settling
  • Breastfeeding advice and assistance.
  • Toddler and baby sleep issues
  • Respite care to give mum and/or dad some time out.
  • Babysitting
  • Nannying
  • Before and after school care

We conduct a rigorous interview in an effort to ensure a perfect match for every family. We pay particular attention to the candidate’s personality, general demeanour, enthusiasm, interests, skills, creative ability and their experience with children, along with their availability.

All of our staff are:

  • screened and personally interviewed
  • reference checked
  • police and working with children checked

24|7 childcare staff are able to respond in an emergency and are trained in CPR and First Aid. They will also be proficient in:

  • Health and Safety including:
    • Nutrition/food/beverages/dietary requirements
    • Emergencies and evacuation
    • Sun protection
    • Water safety
  • planning social activities
  • following and assisting with the pre-school education curriculum
  • providing feedback
  • experienced in caring for children with a disability or special needs

We recruit candidates from all over the world who can speak different languages and possess various skill sets. However, all our staff are proficient English speakers.


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Care you can trust.

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